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Jesper Eriksson

Consultant – Applai

Ambitious and happy data engineer and business intelligence consultant, with experience from companies such as Cint, Husqvarna, Fujitsu and Stockholm City Council (8 years in total).

Business Intelligence – Jesper automates manual business processes using automated data solutions, enabling increased analytical capabilities, saved time, and reduced risk of human error.

Visualization and Data Analytics Experience in creating visualizations for users in Power BI, Tableau and Python. Jesper has also done numerous data analysis projects, providing insights and clarity to what has happened and why.

Data Engineering – Jesper has designed and developed scalable data solutions able to ingest, load and transform huge amounts of data stored both in server farms as well as online streaming data.

Cloud architecture – In his past roles, Jesper has gained broad knowledge within almost all of Azure’s data related products, by creating various cloud solutions for his clients, choosing the best ones depending on data requirements and business situation.

AI & Machine Learning – Jesper has developed ML solutions capable of predicting customer behaviour (such as churn) and currency price changes, as well as implemented image recognition into websites. 

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